Investor FAQs


Your questions about our Shareholder Services answered by our team of experts.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I check how many Ideagen plc shares I hold?

If you hold Ideagen plc ordinary shares you can check your holding by contacting SLC Registrars at the address below.

SLC Registrars Limited
42-50 Hersham Road
KT12 1RZ
Tel: + 44 (0)1372 467308

2. How can I buy and sell my Ideagen plc Ordinary Shares?

The London Stock Exchange has a section on its website which gives a number of providers offering share dealing services. For more information, you can visit the Stock Exchange website at, click on to “Prices & News” and select the “Investor centre”.

3. How can I contact Ideagen plc's brokers?

Ideagen plc’s brokers are FinnCap and can be contact at the address below:

60 New Broad St
London, EC2M 1JJ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 7220 0500

4. What kind of shares does Ideagen plc have in issue?

Ideagen plc only has ordinary shares in issue.

6. Does Ideagen plc currently pay a dividend on its Ordinary shares?

'Each year, the company currently pays an interim dividend in March and a final dividend in November. The amounts and precise timings of these dividends are disclosed in announcements to the market at the appropriate times which can be found under the Investor News section of this website.'

7. Who do I need to notify of my change of address?

When you change address, it is important that you inform SLC Registrars, by submitting a change of address form obtainable from the registrars as soon as possible to ensure you receive all shareholder communications.

8. What do I do if I have lost my share certificate?

SLC Registrars keep a record of your name, address and the number of shares you own and can arrange to issue a duplicate certificate if necessary. If you have lost a certificate please report this to the Registrars immediately on + 44 (0)1372 467308 so they can put a ‘stop’ on that certificate. Before a replacement certificate can be issued, you will be sent an indemnity form to complete should a dispute arise over ownership at a later stage.

You can find out more information, including the costs of supplying a replacement certificate direct from SLC Registrars.

9. Who should I advise of my change of name?

Please send a letter, which should be personally signed, to SLC Registrars giving full details of the following

  • your old name
  • your new name
  • a copy of any legal documentation, such as marriage certificate or deed poll

10. How can I transfer shares as a gift into another person’s name?

You can obtain a stock transfer form from SLC Registrars who will be able to advise you on the completion of the form.

11. Who should I contact at Ideagen plc if I have a general shareholder query?

In the first instance you should contact the Company Secretary, Graeme Spenceley.

12. Who should I contact to register the death of a shareholder?

In the first Instance you should contact our registrars, SLC who will be able to advise you of the necessary actions.