Ideagen Releases New Update to Industry Leading Audit Software


Pentana Audit provides enhanced SOX compliance measures, the option of third-party software integration and a new web user interface

Leading global provider of governance, risk and compliance software, UK company Ideagen Plc, has announced a major update to its industry leading audit software, Pentana Audit.

Pentana Audit‘s new features include a range of web-based enhancements that will improve the user experience, ensure meeting SOX compliance requirements is easier and allow the ability to integrate with third party software for real time business intelligence reporting.

Colin Smith, Head of Sales, Audit & Risk, at Ideagen, said: “The updates that we have made to the latest version of Pentana Audit will have significant benefits for our customers. By making all audit-focused tasks available online instead of just on the desktop application, the user will be able to complete all their audit tasks online, as well as organise their work in the way that suits them with a customisable dashboard. The addition of new sections on the homepage dedicated to Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements will make SOX compliance much more straightforward. And finally, the introduction of an API (Application Programming Interface) allows the integration of data from Pentana Audit with third party systems, such as business intelligence tools, to allow for real-time reporting.

This is a suite of enhancements that will make a huge difference to our customers and ensures we are continuing to offer them the very best tools for meeting their audit and compliance obligations. Colin Smith, Head of Sales, Audit & Risk, at Ideagen

The list of enhancements to Pentana Audit includes the following:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Control Certification - controls and processes can now be certified within Pentana Audit to meet SOX requirements.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley PBC (Prepared/Provided by Client) Requests - a document request can be made directly to a Step/Test in an Audit or a Test in an Entity. The business owner will be notified via email and can add the attachment(s) to the request to satisfy it.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Accounts and Assertions - users are now able to include accounts and assertions to show coverage. Accounts can be set for processes, risks, and controls. Assertions can be set for risks and controls.

  • System Settings – Email Notifications - new items have been added that allow users with appropriate permissions to make their own changes to email notification text without requiring Ideagen to make those changes for them.

  • Reporting API – enables customers to use their data in third party systems such as a BI (business intelligence) reporting tool.

  • New Home Tiles - an additional seven home tiles are now available within the Web UI, as follows:

    • Action Management
    • Audit Document Requests
    • Document Request Management
    • Incident Management
    • SOX Certifications
    • SOX Certification Management

These new features will be provided as an upgrade to existing supported customers and as standard to all new customers.

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