Ideagen’s Qualtrax selected by US accreditation body, AAVLD Accreditation Committee


The American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) Accreditation Program is set to implement Ideagen Plc’s quality management software, Qualtrax, to support its mission to foster continuous improvement of veterinary diagnostic laboratories through accreditation.

The AAVLD Accreditation Program is managed by a committee of veterinary laboratory professionals representing all regions in the US and Canada and collectively have expertise in a broad range of laboratory disciplines.  The AAVLD Accreditation Committee is an accreditation body serving publicly funded veterinary diagnostic laboratories in North America, confirming competence and conformance with the AAVLD Requirements for an Accredited Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, a laboratory standard which is aligned with applicable aspects of ISO:IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. AAVLD assists laboratories to meet or exceed the standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health, which enhances a lab’s safety, reliability, marketability and customer satisfaction.

Ideagen’s Qualtrax enables electronic document control and process management, with a focus on heavily regulated industries governed by industry standards such as ISO, NAME, CAP, CLIA and others.

The AAVLD Accreditation Committee selected Ideagen’s Qualtrax to automate its document management, workflow tracking, training management and process control.

The AAVLD Accreditation Program joins testing labs around the world in using Ideagen’s Qualtrax to simplify demands of accreditation, streamlining enormous amounts of documentation and processes, enabling the company to focus on its important day to day operations.

Senior Vice President for Ideagen North America, CJ Page, said:  "We are delighted that the AAVLD Accreditation Committee has chosen Qualtrax as their eQMS to manage their own internal quality system. By automating as many paper-based tasks as possible, the AAVDL Accreditation Committee will be able to spend more time on assessments in the field - that’s where automation and electronic records really pay off.

“When accrediting bodies choose Qualtrax, it continues to reinforce Qualtrax as the gold standard in the industries those accrediting bodies serve. We look forward to serving AAVLD Accreditation Program and continuing to serve the veterinary diagnostic laboratory sector for years to come."

Current AAVLD Accreditation Committee member and past Co-Chair of the Committee, David Korcal, said: “This is an important milestone for the AAVLD Accreditation Program.  The implementation of Qualtrax as the AAVLD Accreditation Program’s eQMS will allow the committee to focus on laboratory assessments by migrating the program’s quality management system to an automated platform.  Qualtrax will allow the committee to improve processes and compliance with the accreditation program’s QMS.”