Redland Insight Becomes Pentana Compliance


Leading international provider of governance, risk and compliance software, Ideagen Plc, has announced that Redland Insight will be rebranded and known as Pentana Compliance from today.

The move follows the purchase of Redland by Ideagen last year and completes the full integration of the business and its industry leading products.

Ideagen’s Pentana suite of products encompasses industry leading software for audit management (Pentana Audit) and enterprise risk management (Pentana Risk). The decision to bring Insight, which has been a leading product in the financial services sector for almost two decades, into the Pentana family as Pentana Compliance, means the suite of products now covers audit, risk and compliance. This streamlined approach will make it easier for customers to fulfil their audit, risk and compliance obligations with one provider.

“Insight has been the leading choice for financial services firms looking for peace of mind in Training and Competency and SM&CR for the past 19 years,” commented Arun Varma, Chief Marketing Officer at Ideagen. “Rightly so, as the product has won awards for its proven and trusted software solution four years in a row.”

We see Compliance Management as a strategic, value-add activity. By incorporating Insight into our Pentana suite of products, joining the audit management system Pentana Audit and the enterprise risk management system Pentana Risk, we are sending a powerful message that business assurance includes proactive management of accountability and competency in pursuit of operation excellence. Arun Varma, Chief Marketing Officer at Ideagen

Ideagen is committed to continuing to develop Pentana Compliance in line with its other products and customers will receive ongoing updates to the software.

“At Ideagen, we are proud of our depth and breadth of industry knowledge and want this to be reflected in the products we make,” added Arun.

"As a specialist in developing market- leading technology solutions, we are focussed on creating the best software to support firms looking to make processes more efficient and effective, facilitating a maturity journey our clients can follow from defined to optimised."